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This week is Black Maternal Health Week. Black Maternal Health is to raise awareness of reduced maternal health outcomes among Black women.

April 2023

Black Maternal Health Week is from April 11 through April 17 each year.  There are many factors that are involved.  Mental Health education must increase, substance abuse treatment is  needed and education on Maternal Mortality in general should be facilitated for everyone to understand this grave issue.  The numbers for black women and maternal mortality is increasing at an alarming rate and we would be more than elated to help educate on this very important topic. Call us today if you would like for us to educate your group in this area. 765-573-7556

April 2023

Don't forget our Men's Health Corner on April 27, 2023 at the Clarence Faulkner Community Center 1221 W. 12th St. Marion, IN 46953.  6:00pm with Mr. Rocky Whitehead of Cancer Services of Grant County as our host!! Light refreshments always served and very informative health education  provided to the men of this community.

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