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"Promoting Healthier Lifestyles"

Transforming health to a healthier you!

What We Offer


Health Presentations

The Minority Health Coalition offers health education awareness presentations to all groups or one on one encounters to help you understand signs and symptoms and risk factors of preventable illness and on emerging health topics in our community.  We invite you to like our Facebook page to view the health presentations and share them with others in the community. We would always like you to explore what options  you have available to you in regard to transforming a healthier you.

Health Interventions

Our health interventions (comprehensive programs) include mental health, diabetes management and obesity,  Programs are generally 4-6 weeks depending on the program of your choice.  These are educational programs that you or your loved one may join together to learn more about these health issues.  


Blood Pressure 

A1c Testing 

Glucose Screenings



We provide screenings throughout the year and you may stop by our office to receive more information. 

Recent Articles



Why do you wear your mask?  Why do you not?

December 22, 2020

From the youngest to the oldest we care about your health

We have presentations that help people of all ages. Our youth programs are for physical activity and help them understand the importance of exercise and good health.

Community Action on COVID-19 


Locally we provide necessary supplies along with health education to ensure the community is on top of emerging health issues.  Here we provided free home COVID tests for members of the community. 

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